CTEK Smartpass 120S - Alternator Supplementary Charging System 40-289

CTEK Smartpass 120S - Alternator Supplementary Charging System 40-289

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MAX Alternator output is no issue here

The Smartpass 120 S leverages on the good foundation of the original Smartpass and Smartpass 120 but raises the stakes again by working with the D250SE to provide a Lithium profile, ignition input to assist with Euro 5/6 smart alternators. 

The unit allows for back feed charging of the start battery once the house battery is fully charged from the sun via the D250SE and connected solar panels.

The unit also provides emergency jump start duties if your start battery is flat.

  • Smart alternator compatible
  • Selectable lithium* and lead-acid mode
  • Maximised charging for better battery life and performance
  • Temperature sensor to compensate for hot or cold conditions
  • Compatible with D250SE for the ultimate 140A power management solution

    *Lithium Battery Bank must utilise it's own battery monitoring system which will work in conjuction with this devices output voltages.

Battery types; 12V:, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, EFB, GEL, LiFePO₄
Battery capacity; 40-300Ah
Net weight (unit with cables); 0.7
Gross weight (unit in box); 0.9
Insulation class; IP65 (splash and dustproof)
Ripple**; Less than 4%
Model Number; 40-289

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