Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey: Revolutionizing RV Refrigeration

Among the vast world of recreational vehicle accessories and appliances, one brand that has made a significant impact is Brass Monkey. With a name that certainly sticks in memory, Brass Monkey has built a reputation around quality, innovation, and the clear understanding of the needs of motorhome and caravan enthusiasts. Here, we delve deep into the world of Brass Monkey and explore its contributions to the RV refrigeration market.

Understanding Brass Monkey

Established with the vision of enhancing the RV experience, Brass Monkey specializes in refrigeration products. The brand's core philosophy revolves around merging technology with convenience, ensuring that every trip, be it a weekend getaway or a long-haul journey, is as comfortable as home.

Product Range: A Deep Dive

Brass Monkey's product range is diverse, but its primary focus is on refrigeration solutions tailored for the unique demands of motorhomes, caravans, and campervans.

  1. Portable Fridge Freezers: One of the most sought-after products in their catalog, these fridge freezers are a blend of efficiency and portability. Designed for campers who are always on the move, these units can be easily transported from the vehicle to a campsite, ensuring fresh food and drinks are always within arm's reach. With varying sizes and capacities, users can choose based on the duration of their journey and the number of occupants.

  2. RV-specific Refrigerators: Crafted especially for motorhomes and caravans, these refrigerators ensure optimal use of available space. Integrating seamlessly with the vehicle's interiors, they provide ample storage without compromising on the living space. These fridges often come with advanced features such as quick cooling, energy-saving modes, and adjustable shelves for customized storage.

  3. Campervan Fridges: Understanding the spatial constraints of campervans, Brass Monkey has designed compact yet efficient fridges. Their sleek design, combined with state-of-the-art cooling technology, ensures that despite their size, performance is never compromised.

  4. Accessories and Add-ons: Beyond the primary refrigeration units, Brass Monkey offers a range of accessories. From protective covers for portable units to ensure durability during outdoor use, to power adapters and connectors for diverse power sources, the brand has thought of it all.

Global Reach and Distribution

Brass Monkey's prominence isn't limited to one country or region. Their products are now distributed in numerous countries across the globe. This wide distribution network stands testament to the brand's quality and the trust it has garnered over the years. With such a broad reach, it's evident that Brass Monkey understands diverse market needs and has products tailored for various customer segments.

Brass Monkey and RV Appliances

For New Zealanders passionate about RV journeys, RV Appliances stands as a beacon, providing top-notch RV appliances. We're proud to associate with Brass Monkey and offer our customers a full range of their products. Our collaboration ensures that New Zealand's motorhome and caravan enthusiasts have access to the best in refrigeration technology. Our website provides detailed insights into each product, ensuring customers can make an informed decision based on their needs.

Why Choose Brass Monkey?

Beyond their diverse product range, what truly sets Brass Monkey apart is their commitment to quality and innovation. Every product undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring it stands up to the challenges of the road. Their R&D division is continually working on harnessing the latest in cooling technology, ensuring their products aren't just on par with industry standards but often set them.


In the expansive world of RV products, certain brands shine brighter due to their unwavering commitment to quality and understanding of the market's needs. Brass Monkey is one such brand. Their focus on creating refrigeration products that enhance the RV experience makes them a favorite among enthusiasts.

For those in New Zealand, RV Appliances ensures that these top-tier products are easily accessible. We believe in providing the best to our customers, and our association with Brass Monkey is a testament to that commitment. Whether you're gearing up for your maiden RV journey or are a seasoned traveler, with Brass Monkey's products, you're guaranteed a cool and fresh journey, every single time.