Shurflo 4009 Volt Water Pump

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The recreational vehicle (RV) lifestyle represents a unique combination of comfort and exploration. Central to maintaining this comfort is the importance of an effective and efficient water system. Pumps, specifically the 12V variants, have been the cornerstone of water circulation in RVs, caravans, and camper vans.

The Shurflo 4009 12V pump is a market leader in this category and a vital component in mobile homes. Its popularity is due to a combination of robust performance, superior features, and reliability. Shurflo's pump is known for its whisper-quiet operation, which is a much-welcome feature for RV and caravan users seeking solace in their travel.

The 4009 model operates at a pressure of 45 PSI and can deliver a maximum flow rate of 11.3 liters per minute. This translates into a steady and strong water flow for showers, kitchen sinks, and other faucets in the vehicle. The pump is self-priming, which is a boon when setting up camp. It allows for vertical water suction up to 6 feet, which is ideal for accessing water sources at lower levels. The pump also incorporates a built-in check valve that prevents reverse flow, a feature that is essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing water contamination.

An additional feature of the Shurflo 4009 is its thermal overload protection. This ensures that the pump automatically shuts off if it overheats, providing an extra layer of safety. Also, this pump model is designed with three chambers, allowing for smoother and more consistent water flow.

In any pump system, including the 12V systems in RVs and caravans, the inclusion of a pre-filter is recommended, and is required for the validity of the product warranty. The pre-filter's function is to remove large particles and debris from the water before it reaches the pump. This protects the pump's inner workings, extends its lifespan, and maintains its performance over time. Therefore, the inclusion of a pre-filter is an inexpensive yet essential way of safeguarding the Shurflo 4009 or any other 12V pump.

While the Shurflo 4009 ensures efficient water supply, the addition of an accumulator tank can significantly improve the system. An accumulator tank stores a reserve of pressurised water. The primary benefit of including an accumulator tank is the reduction of cycling - the frequency with which the pump has to switch on and off. By maintaining water pressure when demand is low, the accumulator tank allows the pump to rest, leading to less wear and tear and extended pump life.

Moreover, the accumulator tank offers a smoother water flow, enhancing the user's experience when using water outlets. It also provides an immediate water supply if the pump encounters any issues, ensuring there's no interruption in water access.

In conclusion, the combination of a reliable and efficient 12V pump like the Shurflo 4009, a pre-filter, and an accumulator tank forms the backbone of a high-performing water system in RVs, caravans, and camper vans. This setup not only provides a continuous and reliable water supply but also ensures the system's longevity, making your on-the-road home a more comfortable and enjoyable living space.

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