Thetford Porta Potti 145 Portable Toilet

Thetford Porta Potti 145 Portable Toilet

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The Porta Potti 145 fulfils the wishes of the low and mid end of the portable
toilet market. The Porta Potti shows added value for the end users by the
design, high quality and variation of product features. The position of this toilet
is in the lower end of the mobile leisure market, often oriented on a
temporarily use and domestic use of the toilet.

Why choose the Porta Potti 145? 
Modern design
Improved valve handle system
Improved carry handle of the waste holding tank
Pour out spout stop
Integrated cover-lock
Improved seating comfort

Flushing System

Manual Flush: Bellow Pump

Flush water tank volume

15 L

Average use of ml water when flushing the toilet

100-200ml for urine
150-300ml for faeces

Flush Water Tank Level Indication


Waste Holding Tank Level Indication


Outside measurement: Toilet (H x W x D)

330 x 383 x 427 mm

Outside measurements : Waste holding tank (H x W x D)

185.5 x 383 x 427 mm

Outside measurements: Flush water tank (H x W x D)

239.5 x 383 x 427 mm

Seating Height

324 mm

Maximum loading

120 Kg


+1 C to +60 C (Operational)
-40 C to +60 C (Storage)

    Customer Reviews

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    Gael Johnson
    Porta Potty so easy

    I have had a porta potty for years in my camper van - a converted Hi Ace.
    I live in a caravan I own in Coromandel Peninsula, and my caravan has a larger style Thetford which I empty every 2 days.
    I am completely au fait with emptying the contents now with no embarrassment.
    The current porta potty I bought because I am staying with my daughter in West Auckland. I have a tiny room next to the study downstairs, and the toilet is upstairs, off the main bedroom.
    I am nearly 70 and I need to wee a lot at night.
    I use the potty in my room, I do not use any chemicals or much water in the potty. I have a pink 'compost bag' to put toilet paper and wet wipes in and when full put it in rubbish. The potty is so convenient and easy to empty straight into the toilet, rinse it by pouring hot water into it (I use the plastic container the toilet brush sits in) then put a bit of toilet cleaner into potty and swish it around.
    So, a porter potty can be a solution for elderly people to have one handy in their room and maybe tiny tots who are still learning about toilets etc. A bowel specialist at Greenlane Hospital told me the porta potty height and the way one sits on it is much healthier for bladder and bowel movements, it is more natural to squat than to have dangling legs (as children often do). It's a win win all round! Go Thetford!

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