Thetford Holding Tank C2 and C4 Electric Toilet, Cassette Only

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The Thetford C2/C4 Bench 20l with Wheels Toilet Cassette can be used as a replacement tank for the C2/C4 Cassette Toilet but also comes in handy for use as a second tank. The new model features wheels and a pull out handle, making it easy and comfortable to transport and empty.


Benefits & Features

  • Thetford Holding Tank to Suit C2/C4 Cassette Toilets 

  • Features wheels and pull out handle

  • Finish: PVC

  • Capacity: 20L

  • Dimensions: approx 650mm (W) x 220mm (H) x 220mm (D)

  • Weight: 2.52kg


*Note: A C2/C4 tank is different to a C200/C400 tank, as they are different sizes and designed to fit and work with different style toilets, they cannot be interchanged


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