Thetford C-263 Swivel Seat Ceramic Bowl Cassette Toilet - Electric Flush

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The C263-CS with full ceramic bowl is the top of the range in Cassette Toilets. It has a swivel bowl, electric flush and is connected to the central water tank of your vehicle. The waste-holding tank comes with wheels for easier emptying.

Why choose the Thetford C263CS- Ceramic Swivel Cassette Toilet?

  • Full Ceramic bowl 
  • Electric flush level indicator
  • LED level indicator
  • Domestic look and feel
  • Long term reliability and easy maintenance
  • Same installation footprint as C223CS

Thetford cassette toilet, another great Thetford invention, the ultimate sanitary solution for your caravan or motor home.

Get maximum comfort without losing space. The toilet bowl revolves 180 degrees on the base and locks into place by simply pressing down on the seat.

The C263CS cassette toilet combines the built-in comfort of RV permanent toilets with the convenience of a portable toilet and can be installed as a freestanding unit against any outer wall of the vehicle.

Its removable waste-holding tank makes it the ultimate sanitary solution for your caravan or motor home. Don’t settle for less and get the best.

  • Highest level of seating comfort on the market
  • Lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic
  • Quiet yet powerful flushing system with full bowl coverage
  • Easy and convenient emptying

For new installations, we recommend purchasing an optional locker door to securely access your cassette from outside the vehicle for clean and hassle free emptying.


  • Space-saving bowl rotates 180 degrees on the base
  • Directly plumbs into the freshwater tank
  • 12V Electric flush
  • Lightweight, high-quality plastic.
  • Connection for central water tank
  • 17.5L holding tank with wheels
  • Durable, user-friendly and maintenance-friendly.
  • Easy access to the waste-holding tank from the outside.
  • 479mm seat height
  • Powerful flushing system.
  • Quiet to use
  • A level indicator shows when the waste-holding tank needs to be emptied.
  • Waste tank includes handle and wheels to make emptying easy.
  • External access door available separately


Accent colour waste-holding tank Orange
Bowl material Ceramic
Capacity of waste-holding tank 17.5 L
Central water tank connection Yes
Flushing system Electric 12V
Level indicator for waste-holding tank LED - 3 indication levels
Main dimensions (h x w x d)
Model Swivel bowl
Net Weight 7.8 kg
Position service door 3 Landscape
Seating height 479 mm
Seating width 379 mm
Waste-holding tank on wheels Yes
Water fill door needed No


Installation Manual


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