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The New Majestic SLT242 24” 12 Volt LED TV has set a new standard in 12V LED TV technology by adding state of the art Smart TV technology. The Majestic SLT242 24” 12V LED TV is packed with new technology such as Android 9.0 Smart Functions, Optical Audio Output, PVR, Bluetooth 4.2, Screen Mirroring from Tablet or Phone to the TV wirelessly, ARC, 2x USB for Multi Media and a high brightness LED Panel with Full HD video resolution. Plus it has a built in Satellite TV Tuner for those countries with DVB-S2 compatibility.

Majestic has worked with major boat manufacturers worldwide to ensure that the Majestic TV's can withstand the toughest environments such as humidity, moisture and vibration. Designed with hardened case, conformal coating on the PCBs and over 20 years experience you can be confident that the Majestic TV will out perform any other brand on the road or in a marine environment.

The low current of this TV ensures that power is used efficiently as possible by just applying power to the part of the TV that is working.  What this means is that the TV has no power wastage, unlike many brands including domestic TV's where they power apply power and everything is powered up but not being used, there is a major waste of power.  Drawing only 2 Amps or 24 Watts on 12V DC making it the lowest power consumption for a Smart TV on the market.

The Majestic 24" Smart TV is also designed to be smarter and easier to use, and comes with a keyboard remote so you can just type searches into the display. You can also use the remote as a laser pointer on your tv, making surfing even faster.

Benefits & Features*

  • Low power consumption and low current

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution

  • Keyboard remote and laser mouse pointer

  • True 12 Volt LCD TV

  • Works from 9.5V through to 30V DC, therefore ensuring you will not have any power issues**

  • Built in Android 9.0 Smart functionality

  • Ability to download Apps

  • Powerful WiFi Receiver

  • USB Multi Media: functions to display Multi Media files on the screen

  • WiFi Screen Share***

  • Bluetooth 4.2

  • ARC: Audio Return Channel allows you to send the audio through the HDMI cable to another ARC compatible device

  • Optical Audio Output for added quality of sound

  • Built in Satellite TV Tuner

  • TV Reception: The TV tuner is of the highest possible gain using the latest in SMT technology

  • Screen Size (Diagonal): 24"

  • Dimensions No Stand: 326.2mm(h) x 550.5mm(w) x 48.6mm(d)

  • Dimensions With Stand: 356.3mm(h) x 550.5mm(w) x 165mm(d)

  • Weight: 3.7kg

  • Warranty: 3 years

**NOTE: The TV will work on a 24V system provided the charging system does not exceed 30V. Most charging systems will go to 28V however Lithium and other special systems may exceed 30V and it is not recommended for these configurations.

***NOTE: Your mobile device, phone or tablet must have the ability to WiFi Screen Sharing, Mirror Cast, EShare, Air Play or similar for the Mirror Cast to work, downloading compatible apps maybe required depending on your device.

Instruction Manual

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