Dometic PerfectWall PW 1500 Wall-mounted awning 4.0m

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This robust wall awning is ideally suited for large vehicles.

The high-quality, single piece awning cloth has no welding seams. The patented automatic front rail allows it to slide in and out smoothly. Aluminium end caps offer heavy impact resistance. Its support legs feature the patented Easy Lock Flipper to ensure that no accidental dropping is possible.


  • Easily set up by just one person
  • One of the lightest awnings for large vehicles
  • Support legs with patented Easy Lock Flipper to secure the awning
  • Heavy duty UV-protected reinforced vinyl
  • Great quality with 100 % aluminium end caps
  • Telescopic winding crank handle Easily set up by just one person
  • Box Colour: White 
  • Cloth colour: Grey Waves

Product Highlights:

Patented front rail

Guarantees easy access to the support legs and tight housing closure.

Patented front rail

High-quality awning cloth

Made of one piece – no welding seam.

High-quality awning cloth

Patented EasyLock flipper

Securely locks the support legs to prevent accidental dropping of awning

Patented EasyLock flipper


Projection, [mm] 2500
Dimensions product depth, [mm] 86
Dimensions product height, [mm] 140
Dimensions product width, [mm] 4000
Net weight, [kg] 19