Dometic Midi Heki Roof Light 700mm x 500mm W/LED, Blind and Flyscreen

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Midi Heki LED lights the way home

This new Dometic Midi Heki light comes with a white edged
double acrylic glazed dome, along with separately adjustable
darkening and fly screens. Its large 700 x 500 mm opening lets
you enjoy the natural light and enjoy the fresh air whilst taking in
everything that mobile living has to offer.

• Open and close the dome via push-up bar
• LED lights featuring day white light and blue night light
• Dome with new double acrylic glazing
• Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens
• Opening angle of 45 degrees
• Improved aerodynamics to reduce noise
• 3 fixed positions
• For roof thickness 30-60 mm


Weight (kg) 8
Dimensions W x D (mm) 846 x 617
Cut out width (mm) 700
Cut out height (mm) 500

NOTE: There a number of different fitting kits for these products that are specific to the wall thickness, please include your wall thickness in the order notes.