Apollo Digital Wireless Reversing Camera System with 7” Dash Monitor

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For many years Apollo Entertainment have been researching wireless reversing camera systems with no interference issues. And for the past few years they have been providing these utilising 2.4Ghz digital wireless technology, providing crystal clear wireless reversing camera pictures with up to 2 cameras connectable.


  • 7 inch LCD Monitor - either dash or mirror mount
  • Monitors plug into 12Volt power, with the dash mount unit having a cigarette power cable
  • 7” Dash mount monitor includes a window suction cup mount
  • Power input is 9-32V DC
  • 2.4 GHz wireless operation
  • Camera in durable aluminium housing
  • IP67 waterproof rating on cameras
  • 10G vibration rating
  • Infrared LEDs for night vision use
  • Comes with only 1 digital camera
  • Second camera optional
  • Option roof mount antenna for camera
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