Truma Combi 2E CP Plus Water & Air Heater (Kit Included)

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Enjoy twice the comfort with Truma Combi 2 E: space and water heater in one appliance. The heater provides comfortable warmth in your vehicle in just a few minutes. It also heats the water that you need for showering, washing dishes, or washing your hands. And the best thing about it: you only have to install one appliance in your caravan or motor home. This saves space and weight.

Truma Combi 2 E also has integrated electric heating elements. Because of this, the heater runs in gas mode for self-sufficient use, in electrical mode at the camp site, and in mixed mode when outside temperatures are low. In summer, Combi 2 E heats just the water without running the space heater.


  • With integrated heating elements for additional electrical mode
  • Heats the vehicle and water very quickly
  • Uses little energy
  • Many installation options, as it is extremely lightweight and compact
  • The warm air from Combi 2 E is distributed optimally via four air outlets
  • Gas, electrical and mixed modes are possible
  • Digital CP plus control panel: automatic climate control in combination with a Truma air conditioner


Suits: Caravans and Motorhomes (not suitable for marine applications)
Energy source: LPG or 240v (12v connection required for automatic gas ignition)
Operating pressure: 2.75 kPa
Water Capacity: 10L
Water pump pressure: Max 2.8 bar
Water heating time: Approx. 23 min
Heater & Water time: approx 90 min
Thermal output electrical boiler operation (240v): 980W / 1960W
Thermal output mixed operation (gas and electric): 3900W
Thermal output gas operation: 1950W
Gas Consumption: 130-260 g/h
Airflow rate- 4 outlets: max 287 m3/h
Power consumption: Temp max of 5.6A DC (average power consumption 1.1A DC)
Standby current: Approx. 0.001 A
Weight: 16.8kg
Dimensions (mm): 510L x 450W x 300H

Kit Includes:

Truma Combi 2E CP Plus Controller
4 x End air outlet closeable - 65mm Black
4 x Clamp Duct Combi/Saphir
4 Nut for end air outlet Combi/Saphir
1 x Grill Air Intake Climaster Combi/Saphir
1 x Flue kit

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