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The NEW Samy 60!

The most advanced Satellite system, designed specifically for the NZ market.

The signal ALWAYS gets through!

The Samy60 is the latest release from German Mobile Satellite Specialists ten Haaft.
Featuring several ground-breaking innovations, Ten Haaft are taking mobile antenna technology to a new dimension.

The original Samy has been installed on a large variety of vehicles and operating successfully in NZ for over a decade.

The NEW SamY60 features a single coax cable between the feature box & dish, a mobile App for dish operation & troubleshooting and an even faster acquisition time for perfect satellite  reception wherever your journey takes you in NZ.

  • Very simple operation
  • Innovative swivel-head technology
  • Fully automated satellite searching and aiming
  • 60cm antenna dish
  • Ignition Auto shut down at vehicle start
  • Dish arm made of ultra-light magnesium
  • Single-cable solution
  • Aerodynamic design for low wind resistance
    (in the retracted state)
  • Weather and hail-resistant construction
  • Extremely fast satellite acquisition via GPS
  • Update software easily via the new mobile App
  • 60cm dish
  • Closed Height: 20cm
  • Weight of External Unit: 11kg
  • Weight of mounting material and accessories: 3kg
  • FeatureBox (W x H x D): 19.5 x 2 x 11.6 cm
  • Display Panel (W x H x D) with mounting frame:
    12 x 7.3 x 1.9 cm
  • Mounting Plate: 50 x 37cm
  • Max current draw during satellite search: 7 A
  • Current draw (reception mode): 15 mA
  • 12/24V
  • 3 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

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